Madeline Bergmann

Me and Michelle

About Me

I'm a 20 year old full-time student on a pre-law track. During the summer time I usually bartend at my favorite resturant, which is Slippery's in Wabasha, MN. My family lives in a giant log house in the middle of the woods.


I'm from a small town in Wisconsin called Pepin. It is located right on the Mississippi river, about 40 miles south of Red Wing, MN. Pepin has a population of about 700 people (my graduating class had 19) and is pretty quaint. If people know of Pepin, it's usually for one of two reasons.

Our first claim to fame is the HarborView Café. It's a lovely little Italian resturant that sits right on First Street and has the best sauteéd chicken breast in the entire state of Wisconsin, probably. Almost everyone in Pepin has worked at the Harborview at some point in their lives. Although the HarborView makes top quality dishes that start at $26 a plate, the entire place is run by almost all high school students and faculty. My high school math teacher was the bartender every year that I worked for the resturant, and my gym teacher was the head chef. Tourists know the HarborView for the casual atmosphere, which seems to exist in the dining room as well as the kitchen.

Pepin's second notable attribute is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and accompanying history. The world reknowned nineteenth centruy author called Pepin her early childhood hometown and based one of her books, "Little House in the Big Woods", on her adventures here. Pepin comes equipped with a tiny log house a few miles out of town in the alleged spot where the Ingalls themselves first settled, as well as a two-room museum that honors the author's bonnet-wearing, frock-donning, buttr-churnning lifestyle of old. Every year in September, Pepin hosts Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, which is a weekend in which a bunch of pioneer enthusiasts come and take over the town. Usually on that particular weekend you can find strange old men from the Twin Cities an other far away places whittling sticks on our park benches and women in handmade paisley dresses milking goats in our baseball field. There's banjo contests and Laura impression competitions and fox fur hats for sale and the Pepin natives generally think that the whole ordeal is pretty weird.


All 6 brothers

I am the oldest of 9 kids. For your convenience, this is the handy breakdown of names and ages of my siblings.

My family lives in a giant log house in the middle of the woods. We have about 60 acres of land and keep a few animals. We have all sorts of farm-y pets such as cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, and even a pet deer.

My pet deer

For a while my family had a pet deer named Tiny, after a character from the movie "The Seventh Brother," which makes sense because there's already 6 brothers in the family. Tiny used to live outside but would show up on our front porch every morning and afternoon for a few Saltine crackers, which were his favorite. He was a big hit with all of my friends, but unfortunately nobody has seen him since opening weekend.