Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dawn Hyland

A photo of my Mother, Dawn Hyland

Photo posted to facebook by Dawn
on September 13, 2014.

While growing up My Mother experienced multiple traumas. Having to grow up quickly to support herself, she pushed these events to the very back of her mind. In hopes to forget what had happened to her my Mom began to live her life. Eventually she had my older sister and seven years later I followed, and then my two younger sisters after me. Having to support this quickly grown family, my mom resulted to working 3-4 jobs at a time and sacrificing sleep and her mental health.

After her Father's passing something sort of 'snapped', and my mom began experiencing visions of the events that she tried so hard to put out of her mind. The visions is how it started; strength, happiness, and courage is how her PTSD episode ended. Although it is always something she will struggle with, PTSD is no longer something that encompasses her life. She has her cheerleading friends, family, and mental health specialists to thank for that. On behalf of my Mother and the rest of our immediate family, we thank you.

A photo of Whoppi Goldberg

Photo taken May 17, 2013

Whoppi Goldberg

Witnessed two planes collide in midair as a child. As a comedienne, actress and talk show host, she’s required to travel frequently and has dealt with severe panic attacks when boarding planes. Goldberg has made it public that she receives therapy for her condition.

A photo of Mick Jagger

Photo taken from Jagger's twitter

Mick Jagger

Lead sing of the iconic rock band The Rolling Stones, developed PTSD after his girlfriend, L’Wren Scott committed suicide in their home. Doctors ordered the grief stricken Jagger to avoid performing for 30 days to prevent his symptoms from deteriorating further.

A photo of climber Joe Simpson

Photo taken by Clara Molden taken on May 25, 2015

Joe Simpson

Climber and author Joe Simpson was a world-class climber when a climbing accident almost killed him. Seriously injured, with no emergency rescue available, and his climbing partner believing he was dead, Simpson somehow crawled down the mountain and survived. His book "Touching the Void" was the first of five climbing books he has written.

A photo of Barbara Streisand

Photo taken in 1997

Barbara Streisand

Iconic singer and actress, didn’t perform live for 30 years after a single performance in New York’s Central Park where she forgot the lyrics to a song she was singing. Streisand developed an intense fear of performance, and only overcame it after receiving both therapy and medication.

A photo of Barbara Streisand

Photo taken from 2007 issue of America in WWII

Audie Murphy

Soldier, military combat, famous for being the most decorated American Soldier of World War II, he was wounded many times and awarded the Medal of Honor and many Purple Hearts after being injured in combat. Physical injury increases the risk of PTSD. Murphy was also decorated by French and Belgian governments. After the war he sleep with an automatic pistol under his pillow and struggled with nightmares. He died in 1971.

A photo of Barbara Streisand

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Charlize Theron

Now she is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. However, as a child Charlize went through a tragic experience… Her father suffered with alcohol addiction and frequently raised his hand to her and her mother – getting drunk, he used to bring his rifle home and threatened to his wife and daughter with a bodily harm.

Charlize has been hiding the shocking facts of her past for years, explaining in an interview that her father died in a car crash. In fact, Charlize was trying to forget not only the drunken scenes and low tricks of her abusive father, but especially that night, when a big family scandal happened, during which her mother, trying to protect herself and her daughter, shot and killed Charlize’s father right in front of her eyes.

A photo of Shania Twain

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on October 19, 2015 from

Shania Twain

Shania Twain was born in the Canadian city of Windsor, but soon she and her mother moved to Timmins, – a small town in the province of Ontario. The family, which brought up four children still lived below the poverty line. For this reason, the girl in the age of eight began to build a music career – she was singing in bars before the drunk audience to earn a crust. When Shania’s parents died in a car crash, she was only 22 years old.

The talented young girl, who dreamed of a world-wide recognition, had to give up her brilliant career and devote herself to raising four children. Singing in a Deerhurst Resort show in Huntsville, she barely had enough money to support her family.