Key-C Green

A photo of Key-C Green

Photo Cred: Collen Stafford, taken in 2013 at home in Riverside, California.

Goals and Aspirations

One day I hope to work for a coporation in the Public Relations Department. Specifically I wish to be the leader of a Crisis Management team. All my life I have been the problem solver, I am able to hear an issue and trouble shoot it extremley quickly, with minimual to no effort. Friends and family approach me so that I can try my best to help them, and my love for helping people makes me so good at what I do.

A photo of Key-C Green

SelfiƩ taken in summer of 2013, at home in Riverside, California.

Dream Job

My end game is to become a musician, I am very passionate about music and have a historical musical background. My second dream job would be to work in the music industry working for clients who need damage control, from there I hope to expand my services to a cliental that is sports based. Seeing as though those are the types of people that are always in the tabloids and papers trying to settle something public in their lives, it only seems fair that they are able to obtain my superior services as well.

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