A story told
by movement


Choreography - Wikipedia definition

"The art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies in which motion, form, or both are specified."

Choreography - My definition

"The art or practice of telling a story through movement."

What’s the difference?

Choreography should not be done without a purpose. If there isn’t a reason behind it or a story to be told, it will be lost in translation. With that story, it has to be told a very specific way. The telling of the story is dependant of the movements and how one does that. You cannot just do a movement, you must do it right. I believe that good choreography is not just sequencing steps, but creating and constructing movement to match the music and to be able to communicate something. That’s what choreography means to me.

Ian Eastwood
Kyle Hanagami
Chachi Gonzalez
Parris Goebel

My favorite choreographers

The choreographers I chose were chosen not only because of their hip-hop style but because of the way they use their movements to tell stories, rather than just sequencing steps. I hope you watch their choreography and think of it as art in the way that I do. There is a difference between a good and a bad choreographer, and I hope this helps you to better understand what makes choreography "good". Whether you are able to follow a story line or not, I hope you get a sense of how important their specific movement is. They are not sequencing, they are using thier bodies to be able to resemble the music and to get the audience to feel the music rather than just listen to it. With good choreography, you can see how the movement and the music become one. I believe that these choregraphers are a perfect example of that and I hope you enjoy watching their work as much as I do.