Big Pine Lake

Bass Fishing


Big Pine Lake is known for many relaxing hobbies, a favorite being fishing. Wide varieties of fish, paired with a wide ranges of depths, brings prime fishing for any family, fisherman or fisher–woman. No fishing experience? No worries! This is a great lake to learn on with bait shops close by and many experienced staff willing to share their knowledge. The lake scenery looks beautiful from any fishing location, an added bonus to each fishing adventure. Types of fish range from crappie, to bass, to northern and walleye; for more specifics on fish types and sizes check out the Minnesota DNR website. Keep in mind it is required to purchase a fishing license, which can easily be done online.

Bass Fishing


Other activities include boating and/or jet skiing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and/or canoing, lounging, yard games and hiking. It doesn’t matter which activity you choose, but it is always fun to try something new! Big Pine provides peace, fun, sun and time with loved ones, what else could you want?

Big Pine has a very sandy and gradually descending shoreline, perfect for swimming; some enjoy anchoring their boat in the middle of the lake to swim in deeper depths (no the fish won’t bite!) Taking kayaks or canoes along the lake shorelines reveals many wildlife species, such as turtles or eagles, while providing scenic views from all different angles. Similarly, paddle boarding has recently become more popular, but is loved by many kids on the lake.

If your prime goal is relaxation, spend your time lounging on your beach, dock or boat, this is a main part of lake life! If you need a break from the water, enjoy yard game with your friends and/or family, or take a nice hike through the woods that populates most of the surrounding area.



Once you feel the need for speed, pick up wake–boarding and/or skiing, both highly challenging but extremely fun for everyone. Many families on Big Pine enjoy doing one, or both; once you learn it’s like riding a bike! With a lake this size, there's always a calm spot to practice or a place to find waves for more experienced riders.

Another, equally as thrilling, alternative is tubing. Tubing is one of the most loved past–times of Minnesota lake life, especially for families. Participants range from young children to adults depending on the type of tube owned. Tubing allows for speed and gives you the chance to ride the waves. Once again though, with a lake this side there are always calm waters to entertain younger riders.

One you experience a beautiful day out on Big Pine, you will never want to leave the lake life.