Big Pine Lake

Big Pine Lake


“We have enjoyed our time on Big Pine Lake for many many years. Great fishing, excellent view of the night sky, friendly community and a wonderful sense of togetherness with our family. It’s our happy place!” – Kris Larson (Big Pine cabin owner for ten years)

“I love Big Pine because of its history. My family has owned a cabin there since 1917, and I feel home whenever I go there.” – Peter Bauck

“For me it feels like home away from home, there are just so many memories! It’s a relaxing, calm peaceful place. It’s been our family vacation for well, twenty years... look forward to it every year. Family, fun, and sun, doesn't get much better than that!” – Tracey Peterson

“Big Pine Lake is my escape from reality. It’s friendly, beautiful and serene. Total relaxation is the norm.” – Diane VanderTuige (Big Pine renter for twenty years)

“Big pine lake brings with it a feeling of peace. The large pines that surround you are homes to many birds, including the majestic eagle. The lake is filled with laughter from fisherman to waterskiers. Big pine lake feels like home.” – Sabine Emmen (Rented on Big Pine for ten years)