Claire Rossez


My hometown is Stillwater, Minnesota, although my family moved there from St. Paul when I was six years old. At the time I was not happy with this change, but those feelings disappeared once I started school and made new friends. Many of my family members on my dad’s side live in Stillwater, and I love that I was able to grow up in the same town as so many of my relatives.


The girls

I am the oldest of three daughters in my family. My sister, Grace, is three years younger than me and will be starting college next fall. Elise, my other sister, is five years younger than me and likes to remind me whenever possible that she is taller than me. My parents, Tom and Pat, have been married for over 20 years and both graduated from Hamline University, although they did not meet until after college. Lastly, the sixth member of our family is Lucy, our six year old Golden Retriever who thinks that everyone is her friend.


I graduated from Stillwater Area High School in 2013 and began college at St. Thomas that fall. I declared English as my first major during my sophomore year, but did not decide to add Communication and Journalism as my second major until the fall of my junior year. These areas of study interest me because I like to read and write, skills I hope to center my career on. I chose French as my minor because I liked every French class I have taken since seventh grade and want to become proficient as possible in the language. I will graduate from St. Thomas in the spring of 2017 and plan to begin working full time immediately thereafter.



I enjoy spending time with friends, watching movies, and reading. During the summer I look forward to going to my family’s cabin in Garrison, Minnesota, and to playing golf or soccer. Traveling is another of my favorite activities and I most recently spent three weeks taking a context course throughout London and Oxford, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, focusing on the Harry Potter series.