Claire Rossez


LEAD is a student organization at St. Thomas that stands for “Leaders Engaging in Active Development.” We hold meetings throughout the semester where members can listen to a speaker discuss his or her view of leadership, as well as participate in community service projects together. The club is only in its third year and I am the VP of Marketing (Graphic Design) for the 2016 calendar year.

My main responsibility is to create advertisements in Photoshop that are posted electronically in various buildings campus-wide. St. Thomas recently underwent a massive rebranding initiative and it was up to me to adapt my work to the new standards. After receiving few answers to the questions I asked various school staff members, I finally realized I could examine the new website’s code to identify the font styles and colors. Thus, I was able to apply the necessary changes to my advertisements to match the new identity St. Thomas strives to display.

Here are two ads I created for speakers at LEAD events. The image on the left was made before the new branding went into effect, whereas the image on the right incorporates the appropriate changes: