Design Thinking

A proven and strategic framework for innovation

Benefits of Design Thinking

Design thinking has many benefits. Apart from the clear savings on investment and time spent creating solutions to problems, one of the largest benefits of design thinking is the human centered products it creates. Becasue empathy is the first step of the process, all solutions and products are born out of true human needs and desires.

Take the Steelcase chair for instance. Steelcase went to IDEO becasue they had a dream of reinventing the classroom desk. During their emapathy research they found a few things. First that people did not like chairs with the desks attached to them. To most comapnied this would mean simply do not attach the desk. However due to the nature of true empathy research IDEO dug deeper to find WHY people didnt like this. What they found was that it simply made getting in and out of the chari more difficult. So it wasnt the fact that the desk was attached but rather the fact it made it difficult to get out. TO fix this IDEO came up with a multi swivel system so that the desk could be swung completely out of the way of the chair. Another thing they found was that when teachers wanted to rearrage the students for some sort of activity it became as massive hassle to haul backpacks along with the desks. To fix this they created an underchair storage area for backpacks. Allowing students and desk to be rearranged much more easily. Now these two innovations may seem simple now that we have the finised product, but it wasnt until the desk, as an object, was sent through the design thinking process that these innovations came about.