Design Thinking

A proven and strategic framework for innovation

History of Design Thinking

Design thinking can be traced all the way back to Robert McKim, who, in his 1973 book titled Experiences in Visual Thinking, spoke of something he called design engineering. McKim's original ideas were then expanded upon by Rolf Faste during the 1980's and 1990's at Stanford University.

Faste taught classes where he used Design Thinking as a method for creative action. In 1991, David M. Kelley, one of Faste's colleagues used Design Thinking as the basis for a company he would later call IDEO. IDEO is now the largest and most successful design consluting firm in the world. Their clients include APple, Coca-Cola, Air New Zealand, Ford, and Medtronic just to name a few.

Recently IDEO launched openIDEO, an organization that looks to solve some of the worls largest challenges by working together with some of the largest communities, helping people collaborate on their ideas and ultimately perfect and streamline the solutions.