Design Thinking

A proven and strategic framework for innovation


The fifth and final step of the Design Thinking process is testing. This is when you and your team take the prototypes you have created and solicit feedback from your users. Testing has a few specific goals in design thinking. One is to simply refine and improve your prototypes to better fit the users needs. The other goal is to learn more about your user. Testing is a chance to learn a great deal about how your user interacts with your prototype.

One key tip for great prototype testing is this, show don't tell. Often times after we have created a prototype we are tempted to try and sell the product to the user, leading to over explaination. Instead, when testing with users, simply place the prototype in the hands of the user an observe. Take the redesigned shopping cart for example. instead of explaining all the features on the cart, give the cart to your user and say nothing. The just observe as they interact with it for this is a much more accurate representation of how they would interact with the product in the real world.