Mike Schmitt

Senior Entrepreneurship major at University of St. Thomas


When it comes to what I have accomplished professionaly, there are a range of both projects and businesses.

A lot of my accomplishements as well as failures have come in the form of start up and small business attempts. As an entrepreneur I believe failures are just as valuable as successes when it comes to expeirence. Often you can learn a lot more from a failure than from a success.

Apart from my personal venture however I have remained engaged and active inside the Entreprenurial community at UST as well as in the MPLS/STP area.



Knabba is a consumer facing platform that allows landlords and leasing agents engage with renters who are currently in the market for rental housing.

We do this by flipping the listing process. We, instead of listing available apartments, list available renters with their needs and allow property manages to the reach out to them and extend custom offers on a person to person basis.

This process allows renters to stop searching and instead get back to their lives. They simply list what they are looking for and then accept or decline offers as they come in. No more endless searching!



Construe is a consulting agency that specializes in next generation consumer understanding. We help companies becomre more organic in their innovation and consumer engagement stratgies by utilizing tools born in Silicon Valley such as design thinking and human cenetered design.

Once we identify ket questions or assumptions about the target customer segment we take a team of researchers out to conduct in depth empathy research. We then unpack all of the interviews in order to find trends, tensions, and suprises. Once the research is completed we conduct an innovation session with the client in which we combine market expertise with the new found consumer insight to come up with new and unique strategies for growth.