Beauty By Brittany

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Get to Know Me!

Hi Loves! My name is Brittany, I am a 26 year old beauty and skincare enthusiast currently living it up in Chicago. I have been a freelance makeup artist since my college days and a bit of an aesthetic perfectionist since the womb, or at least as far back as I can remember. I am that girl who stays up all night watching makeup videos on YouTube, who digs through thousands of blogs, samples hundreds of products, and stands in line for hours just to get my hands on that new limited edition merchandise. I do it all with pride because it brings me so much joy providing my friends with all of the latest and greatest beauty news! After much encouragement (and maybe a little pushing) from family and friends they finally convinced me to start this blog, most likely for their own sanity as they know enough about lipstick textures, eyeshadow pigments and skin serums to last a lifetime.

Outside of my passion for makeup and skincare, I recently graduated with my Masters in Medical Sciences and just started my new job as a Plastic Surgery Physician Assistant. I cannot wait to share all of the things I learn along the way about skincare, fillers, injectables, laser treatments….the list goes on! I have one fur baby living back in Nashville, TN with my family while I get my feet on the ground but he is still the love of my life. I can say without a doubt the only things I talk about as much as makeup are dogs…ok and Bar Method too (come work out with me in Wicker Park if you live in Chicago)!

My intention is to use my years of beauty obsessing and researching to transform this into your complete resource for everything aesthetic. Find everything you need to know when it comes to the latest products and trends in the beauty world.

XOXO Brittany