Beauty By Brittany



Time to talk countour! Countouring was once the signature trade secret of makeup artists everywhere,but after what I like to call the Kim Kardashian movement, contour is now a household phrase. As you may or may not have noticed, Makeup Geek finally released their own line of contour powders! I was beyond excited because I am a sucker for contouring. I used MAC’s sculpting powders for years (unfortunately, they are only sold at MAC Pro stores or online) in the shades “Sculpt” and “Shadester”. I recently purchased the Makeup Geek shades “Infidelity” and “Bad Habit”. I show swatches comparing both and discuss which brushes I prefer for contour application!

I find that powder contours are quicker to apply and easier to blend, which is why I use them more frequently than liquid or cream contours for everyday use. Let me explain the difference between using a specific sculpting powder for contour versus using a bronzer.