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Makeup Geek Contour

Makeup Geek contour powders currently come in 8 different shades that retail for $10 each or $65 for the entire collection. The color payoff is a 9.5/10 which means they are extremely pigmented. You need to be careful which brush you apply them with if you are heavy handed and be sure to tap the excess powder off of the brush to prevent heavy buildup of product in one spot. They do have more excess powder that is lost when picking up the product on a brush than the MAC powders. Makeup Geek is SO smart in the way they are marketing the shades. The have a “cool” (Break Up, Infidelity, Complicated, Scandal) range of colors, for people who prefer contour with a more grey-ashen undertone that is closer to that of a typical, natural shadow. The “warm” (Love Triangle, Bad Habit, Warm Hearted, Deal Breaker) shades are for people who prefer a more golden base in contour or have yellow undertones in their skin. There are great swatches of all the shades on the Makeup Geek website and each contour color is clearly marked “cool” or “warm” with the shades ranging from “porcelain” to “deep” to help you choose which powder will best suit your skin. These powders also only come in the magnetic pan form rather than a compact and can only be used in a Z palette or Makeup Geek palette (they do not work in MAC palettes). Remember that Makeup Geek shipping is only $1.99 so it’s extremely affordable to order online!