My Family

A little About My Family

My Family

My family has been a very important part of my life; they have played a major role in developing who I am as an individual today. I have grown up with two loving parents and 2 older sisters that have been incredible role models throughout my life. I grew up in Burnsville, MN and have lived in the same home my entire life. I attended Apple Valley high school where I was able to be a part of many activities included dance. Today I still share and pursue my love of dance through teaching students ages 3-12 at South Metro Dance Academy in Lakeville, which is also where I spent most of my time dancing in middle school and high school.

Mom and Dad

Dan and Jane Schooley are my parents. They have been married for 30 years and have showed me what it means to work hard and put your family above everything. My parents have always been supportive of my decisions and have helped me make major decisions along the way by giving me the most love and advice any parents could give.

Kelsey Jane Schooley is my oldest sister. She is 28 years old and a graduate from Winona State University and now works in Supply Chain at General Mills. She is a go-getter and when she puts her mind to something she works hard to achieve it. Kelsey has always been very protective of me as her younger sister and has always given me advice and kept an eye on my throughout my entire life.

Haley Ann Schooley is the middle sister. Haley and I have had the most in common throughout our lives. She has served as a role model for me throughout the years and for the most part I have followed in her footsteps. Haley is also a graduate from Winona State University and The Aveda Institute. Today she works as an esthetician at Coles Salon in Savage. Haley has taught me a lot about taking chances and following your dreams in order to make yourself happy.