Professional Hannah

Undergraduate Student at the University of St.Thomas studying Political Science and Communications.

The Run Down.

After graduating from Delano Senior High School in 2014 Hannah continues her undergraduate studies in St.Paul, Minnesota at the University of St.Thomas and plans to further her education with the attendance of Law school in the Fall of 2018.

Previously Hannah has held a Graphic Design position at McDonald's Studio of Photography in Delano, Minnesota. Working along side State Representative and Master Photographer Joseph P. McDonald, Hannah learned and excelled at programs including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Digital Photo Press.

Schuler Shoes Logo

From May 2015 through December 2015 Hannah Interned with the Minnesota Shoe Retailer and Family Owned Business Schuler Shoes as a member of the Marketing Team. Her responsibilities primarily included helping to create content and regulate all of Schuler's Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and running seasonal advertisements through Facebook's ad structure with the coordination and budget planning of Schuler's Brand Partners.


Today Hannah works for the American Academy of Neurology. She holds an Internship with the Academy's Digital Content Strategy Team and has been with the Academy for one year. She plans to update and share insights involving her role at the AAN as her Internship progresses. For any questions, please contact her at hsweeney@aan.com.