Effective Execution Simulations


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These simulations are part of the effective Execution Project which was partially funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (HHSA290 2010 00013C.)  They are also supported by the companion book from Health Administration Press - Make it Happen:  Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership. 

Each of three simulations contains a realistic healthcare leadership problem and the student needs to find effective actions to effectively execute the project.  Each simulation contains  backgound information, the ability to interview key participants in the project, data related to the project and a set of possible actions to take to effectively execute the project.

Vincent Valley Hospital and Healthcare System (VVH)

Vincent Valley Hospital and Health System (or VVH for short) is located in a Midwestern city of 1,500,000.  It has 3,000 employees, operates a 350 inpatient bed hospital, and has a medical staff of 450 physicians. In addition it operates nine clinics which are staffed by physicians who are employees of VVH. VVH has two major competitor hospitals and a number of surgeons from all three hospitals recently joined together to set up an independent ambulatory surgery center.

Three major health plans provide most of the private payment to VVH and, along with the state Medicaid system, have recently begun a pay for performance system. VVH has a strong balance sheet and a profit margin of approximately 2%, but feels financially challenged.

The Simulations

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1.  A new building project for a primary care clinic

2.  Solving a financial problem in orthopedics

3.  Installing a Healthcare Home model of care delivery