Ericast ďtranscriptionĒ for April 17, 2005.


This is the air cast for the week of April 17, 2005 itwell once again thank you for turning into the air cast I am Eric Larson and train experiment your time combining a few too many technologies for my own sanity we are doing the pod cast life to hard drive thing that I always said she had like to build do that but I really donít think I can Will will give the trike would also doing so is Iíve got Dragon NaturallySpeaking turn out again I never did post my transcript from last week so I will post that for this week in last week at some point sometime and you can take a look at the how well or poorly in this case is working but scuff on point being I have a whole lot of programs running old once so weíll will sue happens out just instruct Massieu has with the chair so I canít adopt any chair squeaks but thatís OK thought and I visited diver into the showing you can find out how truly scattered I am when Iím a donít have the option of anything in tidying myself up


This is can be great this would be just peachy keen eye can stick my notes up here I can still clicking word I donít need to run everything full-screenoh this is my work well in a right eye as always I would love to hear from you so you can contact me all the information in need to know is on the web site which is that eat our ICE the best way to hold the is through my listeners the Mac live and heroes were things Gould interesting to my daughter has a to hold and Iím holding it in my hand itís a little fake cell phone and scuttled Elmo on its unmilitary the story of true my former roommate of and the Elmo impression that he could do I have to figure out how to him to convey the Elmo impression because its lunch he rated itís more a PG rated Elmo impression certainly not PG-13 are but very very funny but I like broadcast she rated so mention of keen she Elmo St. Vincent things are getting tired in your so useful cell phone is talking Elmo cell phone time in the sake of referring to a my wifeís presence is the tickle me cell phone which got her giggling and Ruth is not probity going so itís a thatís Acute thing for hoping I can do here very soft soft cell phone but I will ask Elmo if he can tell me what our official listener feedback line is maybe weíll has of the kite Q. Q. can use in future so you call our official was the feedback line at you know I donít think you can hear that all I but you can your will allow whatís driving more time Ligon gets a rattling witches is bad to undertake the federal of import be like phone right evidences because this is just acute you have to hear so here we go with the of it with so three have the Huber was worth the effort to the in thatís the tickle me cell phone segment of the air cast their covers all listener comment stuff on how to hold mean global a blow boy this is this is an excellent way to do episode number six hear of my to thatís a nice ideal promises that eclipse off the beginning because its me heís got a taste for radio but you lose the keys godliness it is for radio which doesnít make a lot of sense o McGinnis might be the first and only live to hard drive Eric asked focus was a talk aboutopen screen there is no word of the week this week because Iíve got getting get gotten I ainít got no comments on last weekís word of the week which was homage and question of is at homage for Oman or is all moderate even a legitimate pronunciation of the Word homage or my thinking that your different word people a total and abolished as Matt Arledge is wrong I donít so I am I am boycotting the Word of the week until somebody tells the something about homage to future is with the standards are for the Word of the week just as we know how we need a word that has multiple legitimate pronunciation such as the local dialect you canít sit always use Word car because in Boston the sake highlights an incredible as to where itís no itís not you know is just the accident were talking about is word that has two genuine legitimate pronunciation preferably one were I can get the sound clips from someplace I want to use the Merriam-Webster dictionary for its I always talk about a scenario of the most people pronounce and scenario well scenario is an acceptable pronunciation typically British however very much your doesnít list the two different associations I can have fun meal playing the two different as agency is radio city got hesitant work with so we word that the is different hesitations and when I really need is somewhat answer my homage question so what we know about what think about that leads royalties are pretend that leads into the air cast on the road segment hear air their




Click on microphone and openness we donít click on microphone and openness we donít waste with repeated the campus was posted all right about another has morals and unhappy is a seller really am very happy unjust Iím pushing my technologies will be too hard on which isnít itís not depressing me itís just a Mr. soul but frustrating to train jugglers and wants his every connected to work because of the interesting thing is it doesnít matter how I could be says together just like a piece every other every other pockets together but when a daily as I promised you probably forgotten about not already is in a few minutes of Keary is the paper that I wrote for the Byzantine art and theology seminar April 26, 1995 to almost exactly 10 years ago effect initiative for Bush saves to next week and we can have a 10-year anniversary but here is the paper Minneapolis Institute of arts touching the icons beyond icons Iíve always thought art museums to be magical place where itís possible to see genuine pieces created by artists hundreds or even thousands of years ago its no hyperbole for me to say that words canít express how special this is to look at Rembrandt and realize that the Rembrandt was a man who made each brush stroke applied each color his incredible to make to stand inches from Greek statue in no that some Greek thousands of years ago stood just as close in Maine to chisel marks pricey today is remarkable as an aside I think itís this magical quality of unadulterated art that makes the show In re creations are restored works I certainly agree thereís a place for simulating one painting or sculpture are building looked like its creation but I hesitate when that recreation is built upon the original work to me even better than dirty painting by great artist is more captivating than the same painting repaired and restore to beautify such fixing to me detracts from the work for magical work because other people have been manipulating it in fact an admission that would make museum curators cringe I sometimes have the consciously restrain myself from touching works of art especially sculpture I think itís because touching art connects you with a common link between yourself and artists were completely different time and place so what you like touchy-feely instinct have to do with icons if I can be so a rap should buy a block of stone that had some slave wacko hammer why should be a surprise that people want close contact with icons that body the Holy Spirit there is a difference between what I feel toward art and what worshipers feel toward icons what would like to get in touch at the artist via the work hard whatever would be worshipers are trying to get in touch with what the work of art represents an artist is irrelevant perhaps a fine interesting because of the belief behind and believe in what the art represents for any work someone had to create I can secure in OíShaughnessy educational Center reach over touch heating great and marvel at the union worker who screwed on 20 some years ago but for someone to desire content with icons must mean that he or she truly believes is been touched by the Holy Spirit and thatís harder to quantify what if we argue that people touching kiss art art icons that because they believe Holy Spirit is in them but because it will in some way in some other way put them in contact with God if thatís the case how does it work in what way would touching a representation Jesus was in better contact with him I think that the treatment of icons reinforce the notion that whether consciously or not people truly believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within the icons while icons are fresh and the mindless and one more memory for class to the equation relics frankly I can understand the admiration of relics better than I can have icons to say this is born of St. Thomas part of him as he walked mere or this is wood from across upon which Jesus Christ crucified puts you directly in touch with the history of Christianity their pieces of return their pieces of material that are right there and were present to religious acts granted authenticity to be a problem but whatís ignore the as to all relics are believed to be genuine to worshipers see relics as icy green art that is our relics important for the history that they were present to and thus can connect us to wars the will like more like a painting valuable because it holds the presence of the Holy Spirit or are both true and case how itís if both are true does that not so that the hierarchy of religious images with a ranking based on how connected something is to God obviously I donít have answers to these questions nor do I think there any simple ones are readings have shown that there were definite thoughts and the matter of relics of icons church leaders did have doctorates address these types of questions that think that their reaction to a relic of icon is a deeply personal 11 that will differ somehow in everyone would dealing with topics like spirituality which is hard to quantify and measure in a physical world we must turn within and see how we address our faith for ourselves that sift my paper and I want to know what you saw that if youíre still wake up in its images look back in September 10 years ago was going up at this writing but thatís feel a business will reflect paper and the suit you think of miscellaneous to my foot-high thanks to my parents and my paper tendencies I have boxes and boxes of term papers and there now my houses in appearance house which is a beautiful Ellsworth you see the connection was leg waits beautiful so I icons of material if you want your or not but thatís thatís it for relics and icons and you know how to hold me and tell me what do what you think that


OK the youth youíve witnessed me weíve heard to have your witness and you will my happy listener and experienced both the birth and death of an innovation all in one swelled from bad to accept because Iíve given up stock to hard drive thinks of the because what your city a that hopefully is as was annoying now when I will to the microphone through the sound card to do is like to hard drive you basically record whenever some cards doing in the take the microphone feet you feed into the soundcard thatís how you hear yourself because the soaker hereís the that makes no sense doesnít but trust me can work and that weight everything is recorded so I played audio clip its polled in the OK find its introducing about his into systems in addition to the fact that your recording audio authority went through in its commodities messy and lousy whenever this is blood switches which is much better that was before for member from several contests ago where figured out how to get rid of the weíve formed thing on the screen in the water peers oíclock but I you know this justice to spend at that and I want to clear the audio before I get to the final segment has is the new as eagle segment of the air cast and I can reach appear and Graham Amonte a CD here we are here from to him womenís Kim I met about at a retreat the column from a guy named Larry Gates a bold path and you probably openly political to worry at some point he has a not a retreat called 24-hour Stamp Act it was during the first 24 hours impact when is that it was into it this spring with early summer early summer of last year house and who cares picked by it was they are that I went out yet was early summer because we were outside of district doesnít want once again who cares whatís the point well personally it was really life full trades at 24 or retreat the Indiana to Christian think of Christian yet itís a Christian thing ox the more later call, Blinder 70 no affiliates details of order to make good fodder for future contest the basically youíll go often in and study system for think about whenever they gave me the insight that the thing that energizes me is that which supports learning point well to go pick what the think about this is not necessarily teaching not teaching to support learning and OK with teaching but when people would know was into things I was really cool bottom they say we should be teacher men will know thatís not a quite yet well if you know my profession with doing for livings often starts to make sense that he out and Iím supporting warning but things like broadcast video technologies is that everything they all fit to supporting warning OK this is that what is the talk Arthur talk about Kim limits to what was a guy that that came in and plates and music in a its worship songs and other stuff of has a very very moving song which are not here off I think off of the human OK employee title track off of Kimís Creek Creek love of the survey thinking who is read of probably not time and I donít want to split song for the enrolled stream broadcasts went to develop the money of equality you know the everything homage to another contest are stalking harsh as Comcast kind of like 30 or 40 Manx wine will because it introducing people in artists and he wants the best possible musical quality I have a very different philosophy I like to make these things small small small you compress them of intrinsic audio compression so you can hear rooms and and then I guess you squeezing down throw upon the servers are you can do little quickly you can when Maroneyís league in one year your MP3 player than does mean that the music is not truly representing the artistic quality of the artist poverty does tell you what the songs like if you really like it you can buy the see me see other works the thing that makes its out anyway I will stop rambling and I would appreciate for hereís comments and OK even ramble more itís fascinating or stop the rambling I want to get off of for now.The rambling and turned over to Kim womenís and his song Greek Creek love them by the way Dragon NaturallySpeaking is proud to present you the song Greek Creek love the off I announce pronounced Greek Creek it comes up Greek Creek just like but if I say Greek great now I have Greek Creek apparently I have a where the weak option of Greek great but to me Greek and great sound very different the cave is key will regardless of what Dragon NaturallySpeaking thinks and once again it can find Dragon NaturallySpeaking just fine work in a plea to womenís great great Mall of the how hard you get Mall of the out of love