Department of Etc.,
lest the tail wag the dog or the kite fly the man

Keep smart

National Public Radio (NPR) Home Page -- you can even listen with RealAudio
Christian Science Monitor -- read today's paper on-line.
Vote Smart: non-partisan information on political candidates and issues
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Ask yourself: Have we progressed or regressed? (some cyberlore)

Keep sane

Listen to a canary sing.
Listen to any bird that sings..
Okay, then, listen to horses sing (click on each in turn)
Or keep cats (but don't try to develop a relationship!)
And drink coffee (but not too much)
Sing the blues
"I realize that this may be too late for some of us, but..."

Keep smiling

The Onion on-line magazine Philosophical humor
Car Talk home page
New invention: BOOK(tm)!!
Sartre's cooking diary
Theological Engineering Exam
Universal grade request form

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