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John Buri is an educator, speaker, author, and researcher.  He is a professor in the Psychology Department at the University of St. Thomas, where he teaches a very popular course on the Psychology of Marriage and the Family.  During the 30+ years that Dr. Buri has taught at St. Thomas, he has won numerous local and national awards for his teaching


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Description: wedding ringsDr. Buri is a frequent speaker, presenting numerous talks each year to married couples and to young adults.  His topics include: (a) the keys to a successful marriage, (b) how to keep the love alive, (c) the keys to successful parenting, and (d) the keys to successful dating.  His overriding goal is to educate, inspire, and motivate his listeners with real-life examples and to provide clear, practical, and useful advice for an ongoing positive experience of love, marriage, and family life.


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Description: love in the sandDr. Buri is also a popular speaker with university students.  His talk titled “LOVE: WHAT IS IT? ARE YOU GOOD AT IT?” has been a hit on university campuses.  In this talk, young adults find out the keys to doing love for a lifetime, and doing it well.




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Dr. Buri is the author of the book Intentional Dating. When You’re Ready to Leave Behind the Liars, Losers, and Lemons – 15 Keys to

Finding Love for a Lifetime


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How to Love Your Wife



Dr. Buri is also the author of the book How To Love Your Wife.


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Description: Buri also posts a collection of “love bytes of wisdom” on this web site: click here for his recent updates.








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Dr. Buri has also published numerous journal articles, research reports, and book chapters.  He has been a presenter at numerous national and international conferences, including National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME), Smart Marriages, Better Marriages, American Psychological Association, Midwestern Psychological Association, and CAPS.