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J. Abbott “Bookworm” (On Amazon.com):


“I bought several books to help me with a bad patch in my marriage. Most were formulaic, obvious or just badly written (Kindle only books in particular can be truly terrible!). This one had a real impact. It is written for men and outlines may ways men neglect and hamper their marriages along with practical steps to improve things.

The particular value for me was gradually being forced to realize most of our problems are due to selfishness, neglect and lack of attention on my part - and that it all stems from fairly typical male behavior. The simple changes in attitude and appreciation have already had a good effect.

Simple and practical, yet genuinely helpful - struck a real chord
A really good, practical, direct and impactful book. I really do think it deserves the high rating.”



What Airchair Interviews has to say about How To Love Your Wife:


If you want a happy, healthy body, doctors can give you a prescription that’s based on research.  Perhaps you will be given antibiotics for an illness; perhaps you will be told to eat a balanced diet and exercise daily.


But what if you want a happy marriage?  Where do you go to find out what’s been proven to be successful?  In this powerful book, How To Love Your Wife, psychologist John Buri gives the “average Joe” access to the most impacting research about what creates a thriving marriage.


As a tenured psychologist, Dr. Buri has gathered the most relevant research about marriage from the past 35 years.  He translates that research into a fast-paced read by using examples from his own marriage and those of the many men he has known.  Though written specifically for men, anyone wanting to create a successful relationship will benefit from this book.  No more are we stuck in stale marriages!  How To Love Your Wife offers real help for creating postive change.


So what is the prescription for a healthy marriage?  Acoording to Dr. Buri, research shows that it’s anything but rocket science.  Rather, it requires “sensible effort by reasonable people.”  How To Love Your Wife is a straight-talking guide that explicitly lays out those actions that will make a huge difference in your marriage.  In this how-to manual, you can expect to read about concrete ways to show love, the difference between complaints and criticism, sex, the up-side of conflict, how to use different levels of communication, and other actions that will build a happy marriage.


Yet be warned, says Dr. Buri.  This book is not for the faint of heart.  Courage is required to carry out the simple steps found in these pages.  So the challenge is out there.  Do you have the courage and perseverance to do what research shows is required for an outstanding marriage?  If you’re up to the challenge, Dr. Buri notes that the payoff is huge.


Let the “Marriage Doctor” give you a prescription for a healthy relationship.


Airchair Interviews says: “This book is just what the doctor ordered!”



Marriage Therapist Lauris Prinsen’s comments about How To Love Your Wife:


In How To Love Your Wife, JohnBuri speaks in practical and realistic terms to those men who desire a healthy marriage.  As an educator, mentor, husband, and father, he has for years been committed to the development of positive, healthy relationships, and now he has extended this commitment as an author.  In How To Love Your Wife, Dr. Buri has provided an integration of wisdom, current research findings, and concrete suggestions.  It was a pleasure to be able to read this book.  I have been counseling and educating married couples for years, and it is my hope that many men (and women) will seize the opportunity to improve their marriage by reading this book.”



What other readers have to say about How To Love Your Wife:


“I had a hard time expressing my needs to my newly-wed husband who was a confirmed bachelor until he met me.  I came across this book, looked inside, and bought it.  It was a very quick read that explained exactly what I meant and needed.  This book improved our relationship so well that we are about to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  I don’t believe our marriage would have survived without this wonderfully written book.”

-          Rabiah, Amazon Reviewer


“This book was a huge inspiration to me.  I have been in and out of several relationships and every time they seemed to fail for the same reasons.  I also saw the same trends in my friends’ and family friends’ relationships.  I was beginning to get discouraged, thinking that these trends were unavoidable and that I would have to resign myself to these feelings and an inevitably unhealthy relationship.  I heard about this book from a friend and found that, when I read it, it answered so many questions and showed me solutions to many of my typical and seemingly universal problems.  It helped me redefine who I consider to be “special” and it showed me how to overcome my own shortcomings in order to make a relationship work.  This book has given me so much hope and is one of the most significant reasons I am in such a healthy and happy relationship now. Dr. Buri’s book should be in the hands of every man thinking about marriage, and especially in the hands of those who are engaged or married themselves.  Don’t let the romantic title and cover fool you; this book contains powerful advice that can transform and ultimately save a relationship if you are willing to put in the time and effort.”

-          Justin, Amazon Reviewer      


“I highly recommend How To Love Your Wife.  Dr. Buri’s writing style is like listening to a friend.  His research is sound.  His guidance hits the bulls-eye.  If you are a married man, then I recommend that you buy it.  And if you are a man contemplating marriage, I recommend that you buy it now!”

-          29-year old husband



“I finally got around to reading How To Love Your Wife.  If I had known that you had written it just for me, I would have read it sooner.  It is unbelievable how many of the scenarios fit me to a tee.  My relationship with my wife has become exponentially better.  In fact, she wanted me to say THANK YOU!  This book was clearly written for men.  Nice chunks for me to read, a little at a time.  And the quotes have been a source of encouragement.  I don’t know that I can thank you enough.”

-          Young husband with 2 small children



“I want to thank you for writing How To Love Your Wife.  My daughter gave it to her father for a Christmas present and it has changed our marriage.  I don’t know what you said or how you said if, but it has made a huge difference – thank you!”

-          Mother of a university student                                                



“I want to thank you for writing How To Love Your Wife.  I saw it in a bookstore and I just happened to pick it up.  I am a newlywed, so it made sense to read it.  I expected it to be a renunciation of things I already knew, and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Your book should be in the hands of every young man looking to get married, and more important, into the hands of every new husband.  This is not just a ‘how to’ book, it is a survival guide!  I picked up this book early in my first year of marriage, and I was surprised to see how many mistakes I was already making.  I know I have a good deal of work ahead of me, but I am greatly encouraged by the promise of what a marriage can be.  I look forward to demonstrating for years to come how special my wife really is to me.  Thank you.”

-          Newly-married man


“I am using your book with young married couples on campus.  The practical advice in How To Love Your Wife is invaluable.  Thank you.  And now I have started to use the book with women students who are struggling to understand that they can actually expect a man to treat them as though he loves them.”

-          University counselor



“This is one of the better books I have read on this subject (and I’ve read a lot!)  Very useful and practical.”

-          Reviewer on Amazon.com



“I picked up How To Love Your Wife as soon as the bookstore opened this morning.  After reading a couple chapters in the coffee shop, I knew that each of my adult children had to read it—so here I am, first person in line for the book signing.  I need 3 more copies.”

-          Woman at the first book signing



“I just finished reading How To Love Your Wife, and I want to tell you how much it means to me.  I am a recovering alcoholic who is rebuilding his life (and hopefully my marriage).  I was googling on topics that would help me talk with my wife and I found your book.  I have been married for 31 years, so the rebuilding of trust and happiness will take time, but your book has already helped in so many ways.  It has given me thoughts, inspirations, and tools to reflect on and to use as I (maybe for the first time) give my wife and my marriage the importance that she and our relationship have always deserved.  Thank you.”

-          55-year old married man


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