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Intentional Dating is a thoroughly enjoyable and wise book.  Dr. Buri brings decades of experience with young people figuring out who to stay with and who to break up with.  This book will help you avoid picking the wrong mate (a big bonus), and will help you discern who is the right mate for you.  And it will give you a picture of what the end goal is: a flourishing marriage that is a lot harder than falling in love, and a lot more rewarding.”

-          William J. Doherty, Ph.D.

Professor of Family Social Sciences, U of M

Author: Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart


Intentional Dating is a must read—whether you’re searching for a loving relationship that can lead to the high adventure of marriage, or you sense that your own “marriage adventure” is going stale.  A few hours with this engaging book will provide valuable insights into one of life’s great mysteries: how to pick that special someone out of a crowd, and then how to become a person worthy of that special someone.  Dr. Buri combines intimate portraits drawn from his work with real men and women; practical advice (get ready for the memorable ‘two marshmallow test’); and scientific research that backs up each one of his points.  If you think you’ve read everything about the possibilities for finding love in your life, think again.  Intentional Dating will guide you down paths you didn’t know existed, to destinations you may have thought were out of reach.”

-          Katherine Kersten

Senior Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment

Long-time Columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune

“John Buri’s Intentional Dating is an engaging, wise, and practical book that is grounded in the author’s decades of academic teaching / research, personal relationships, and counseling experience.  This rare combination gives the book the authority of sound research combined with the wit and wisdom of real life experience.  It’s filled with practical keys on navigating relationship pitfalls and building positive loving relationships.  I’ve put Intentional Dating on my gift-giving list, not only for young adults, but also for their parents, aunts, uncles, church leaders, teachers, coaches—anyone finding themselves in a formal or informal role of advising and counseling young adults in their quest for healthy, positive relationships.”

-          Sara Wright, Ph.D., LMFT

Former Clinical Director, U. of St. Mary’s MFT Graduate Programs

Former Secretary, National AAMFT and President, MN AAMFT


“John Buri has written a compelling book encouraging all of us to pay attention to reality as we date, and he has paired this encouragement with the vital goals of lasting love and marriage.  Intentional Dating is useful for me in my personal life and in my professional work as a relationship coach working with singles.  Thank you, John, for your passion for helping others!”

-          Susanne Alexander

Founder, Marriage Transformation

Author of several books, including: All-in-One Marriage Prep

                                                          Laugh Together, Stay Together  


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