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What others have said about Dr. Buri’s presentations:


“My great gratitude to you and your wife for spending this past Saturday evening with us as we celebrated marriage in our parish.  Wives said that they could have listened to you speak for hours more.  (Husbands said maybe 15 or 20 minutes more.)  For both, you left them desiring more.  From conversations that went well into the evening (and then from continuing feedback on Sunday), everyone left renewed, refreshed, and enlightened—and possibly able to laugh a little more and to be more accepting of the quirks and personal preferences that so often disrupt marital love.  Know of my gratitude and prayers for yours and Kathy’s witness of marriage and the wonderful talk you gave this past Saturday night.”



“What a great talk.  You are passionate about the topic, and you have inspired me to try to be a better spouse.  The knowledge and wisdom you imparted—laced with your own unique blend of personal stories and humor—has given me something to take home – something that will stay with me for a long time.  Thank you.”



“Thank you for your talk.  I have been challenged to look at love—and ultimately marriage—through a whole new set of lenses.  I was not planning to go to your talk, but a friend dragged me along, and I am so grateful she did.  Your enthusiasm for the topic, the insights you shared from your research, and the personal real-life examples you used made this an eye-opening event.  I tell everyone I know that if they can ever hear you speak, they should jump at the chance.”



“Thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts and insights with us.  For sure, we will be applying your wisdom for years to come.  My husband and I received many positive comments from the couples who were at your presentation.  Several parents remarked that if you are representative of the type of teaching provided at St. Thomas, then they are hoping they will be able to send their children to that University.  I have to tell you this as well—one person commented to me: “John really loves his wife a lot, doesn’t he.”  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  God has used you and your wisdom in our lives.”


“Dr. Buri: I thank God for you every time I think of you.  Your life is such a remarkable display of hard work and gentleness.  I am so grateful for the privilege of having encountered you.  A priest I know once told me that the real value of a good teacher is measured by the lessons that stick after 10 years.  Well, exactly 10 years ago I was a student of yours at St. Thomas, and indeed, ‘good teacher,’ I am still learning from the knowledge, wisdom, and love you imparted.  Thank you.”



“I feel a little silly sending you this letter almost five years after the fact, but I wanted to tell you how much you had to say impacted my life.  I heard you in the fall of 2002, and I don’t know whether what you had to say impacted other people as much as it did me, but it sure hit me.  Hearing you present should be a prerequisite for marriage.  I don’t quite know how you did it, but several things you had to say still stick in my head.  Thank you for your part in our marriage—going on five years and still in love!”



“This is probably a very random e-mail, but I was a student in your marriage and family class back in 2004.  I was watching WCCO news last night and I saw your interview clip regarding how Facebook and Twitter can harm a marriage.  Great job.  But more importantly, I think it’s never too late to follow up with someone who has had an impact on your life (even if it is 6 years later)—hence, I would like to say thank you.  Your knowledge, wisdom, values, beliefs, and teaching on what is required for healthy relationships and a healthy marriage will stick with me forever.  And what a difference you have made in my marriage.  Thank you.”



“Dr. Buri, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your presentation on campus last night.  You are an amazing teacher, with an ability to reach virtually every person in a room and stir something inside of them.  You have a sincerity about you that makes people feel comfortable and receptive to what you have to say.  You have me thinking a lot about love and relationships, and the need to become more reflective about what makes me tick.  I want to become better at love, and I now know to do that I will have to become a better person.  Thank you for your insightful, challenging, and engaging talk.”




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