Students for Justice & Peace

Incite hope. Resist violence. Provoke peace.

official SJP soapbox

At the Open Your Mindrophone event, students stand on the soapbox to share their inspiration.

Open Your Mindrophone

A longstanding SJP tradition is the Open Your Mindrophone event. This event takes place at our last meeting of every semester. At this meeting, SJP members (and anyone else) can stand on our soapbox and share peace and justice-inspired creative work. In the past, members have read poetry, shared artwork, and more.

The goal of this event is to celebrate the end of our semester while still being mindful of our mission. We hope to inspire ourselves and others to carry out this mission of social justice and nonviolence during the summer or winter break.

For the date of the next Open Your Mindrophone event, keep an eye on the Students for Justice & Peace Facebook and Twitter pages.