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Water for Peace

Girls at the Imam Redha Elementary School in Najaf, Iraq

SJP raised money to bring clean water to these girls in Najaf, Iraq.

In 2010, Students for Justice & Peace partnered with the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project’s Water for Peace program. Together with other campus groups, we raised over $1,400 to buy a water filtration system for the Imam Redha Elementary School for Girls in Najaf, Iraq.

To raise the money for this, SJP partnered with many other on-campus groups in a month-long fundraising effort. Fundraising events included:

The water filter produces 100 gallons of clean water and is used by 300 students each day. The water system in Najaf is polluted with unhealthy bacteria from sewage, making it unsafe to drink. With this filter, the students can have safe, clean drinking water that is necessary for growth and education.