Students for Justice & Peace

Incite hope. Resist violence. Provoke peace.

SJP meeting room

SJP students put on many events each semester, including the traditional last meeting of the semester pictured here, Open Your Mindrophone.

Our Work

Since its founding in the 1980s, Students for Justice & Peace has been involved in creating positive social change both globally and locally. Selected examples of our work include:

Fair Trade at UST

SJP worked with St. Thomas dining services to bring Fair Trade coffee to campus.

School of the Americas Protest Trip

SJP students attended an annual protest against the School of the Americas in Bennington, Georgia.

Fair Trade Trivia Event

SJP students hosted a lively trivia night to raise awareness about Fair Trade products.

Water for Peace

SJP raised money to buy a water filter for a girls’ school in Najaf, Iraq.

Open Your Mindrophone

At the last meeting of every semester, students gather to share poetry and other creative work to inspire others to live out SJP’s mission.