KUST University of St. Thomas Campus Radio


Jack and Nina

Nina Elder is a two-time recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States, as well as the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Bharat Ratna, and is a member of the Distinguished Service Order of the British Commonwealth. She’s also won two Grammys, but those aren’t important. Nina doesn’t sleep very much. Jack Jensen once dueled someone to the death because they thought it might be a cool thing to put on resumes, which is messed up.“The latest masterpieces from my son… It’s an elephant” –Star Trek: The Next Generation s6e10


DJ Sammy

Samuel Donahue Schultz was born in 1994 and is from Onalaska, Wisconsin. In his bio picture he is sporting a Basketball Mom sweatshirt from #Savers paired with above the knee cargo shorts from #Costco, high white Puma socks from #TJmaxx, and white New Balance from #Goodwill for traction on the dance floor. Note the frolfing discs under his arm. This Dad knows how to start the party (no children). Sam is currently a junior at St. Thomas and is majoring in History. Sam sometimes gets made fun of for his big forehead, but he knows that when Friday rolls around everyone will be praising him for his music. You can listen to Sam’s show Funky Fridays every Friday from 3-4:30pm.


Queen Emma

Conceived and birthed in 1994, Emma, our Social Media Administrator, specializes in tying her shoes, hiding from her responsibilities, forgetting to shave her legs, and smashing the patriarchy. She is majoring in Women’s Studies and English and minoring in American Culture and Difference Studies with hopes of being virtually unemployable and swimming in debt by the time she’s 25. She’d never be able to live with out music, french press and vision correction. Her music tastes fluctuate from those of a middle-aged dad to eclectic and experimental noise. You can catch her favorite sounds on Handpicked at 9 on Tuesday nights, and on Ladio at 7 on Wednesdays.