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Bolivia in Focus
A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture
Robert J. Werner

published 2009 •  Interlink Books, Northhampton, MA • 5 ¾”x 8 5/8” • 124 pages • full-color photos • maps • ISBN 9781566562997 • paperback • $17.00

This land of colorful cultures and stunning landscapes offers the curious visitor and student an unending stream of extraordinary things. From a fantastic archeological record to llama fetuses in the Witch’s Market, from the coca story to the hemisphere’s first indigenous president, the history and cultures of Bolivia are an eye-opening experience.

But behind its breathtaking scenery and welcoming culture lies a more complex country facing serious political instability and environmental threat. Bolivia in Focus helps the traveler who aspires to be well-informed to understand the wider picture and build up an overall knowledge of the country. It also gives the reader a thought-provoking introduction to the sources of tension in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, and the people’s struggle for social justice that has been missing since the arrival of colonialism five hundred years ago.

Bolivia in Focus is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to this captivating country. It explores the land and people, history, economy, politics, society, culture and religion, and includes the author’s tips on must-see landmarks and historical sites and how to get the most out of a brief visit.

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     The following link is two PowerPoint files to support the teaching
     case-study posted on the National Center for Case Study Teaching
     in Science (SUNY-Buffalo):
      Hyperinflation: What Zimbabwe Can Teach Us

                Slides, part 1

                Slides, part 2




     Dr. Robert J. Werner
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  current work 

    I am working to produce articles and a book on the
     historical geography of Native Americans in Minnesota and on the
     Great Plains.  The centerpiece of each work will be a map, followed by
     several pages of explanation and commentary on the map.

     The first piece was about the Dakota diaspora, from 1862 to the
     creation and settlement of the present reservations in the late 1800s. It is
     publshed in the journal Minnesota's Heritage, 6: (2012), 38-59.