My research interests are in economic growth and development, macroeconomics, and teaching pedogogy. My research focuses on the role that policy plays in the decision for firms to operate informally. For example, higher tax rates lead firms to hire fewer workers, innovate less, and possibly opt out of the formal sector. All of these effects have important macroeconomic impacts and pertinent policy implications. Plus, "shadow" economies are just plain fun!

"Strict Duality and Overlapping Productivity Distributions between Formal and Informal Firms" with Jeffrey Allen and Shanthi Nataraj (RAND), Journal of Development Economics, 135, 534-554. [Gated Version]

Under Submission:

"Informality, Innovation, and Aggregate Productivity Growth," revisions requestesd
"Forecasting GDP Growth using Disaggregated GDP Revisions" with Adam Check (St. Thomas) and Anna Kate Nolan

Working Papers:

"Developing Consumers of Economic Data: A Classroom Forecasting Exercise"
"What Predicts Informality?: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach" with Adam Check (St. Thomas)
"Informality, Tax Policy, and the Provision of Public Goods"
"The Decision to Innovate: Aggregate Implications of Size-Based Distortions"

Tyler C. Schipper
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